jan 18-24,2016

car park b

gillman barracks


18 & 19 Jan

invited industry partipants (by appointment only)

20 - 24 Jan : public

11am - 7pm daily 

except for 22 Jan, 11am - 10pm

If a spectrum of emerging practices were to converge in an exhibition, what will we observe of Singapore’s contemporary art scene? Curators Joanna Lee and Patricia Chen attempt to find out.


Trawling from among overseas-based Singaporean artists, fresh art school graduates, under-the-radar ‘urban artists’, mid-career practitioners and ground-up artists initiatives whose recent entry and re-entry into the art world have brought fresh offerings to the scene. The curators have selected 25 emerging artists whose practices promise a foretaste of emergent streams of art-making in Singapore’s art scene.


The spectrum in artistic practices includes strategies in interactive and community art, social and urban intervention, and the use of non-traditional media to push the boundaries of sculpture and picture-making. The themes that occupy the artists may in many ways suggest perennial issues of the self and of Singapore’s history and identity, as seen through the eyes of the contemporary young; yet others are concerned with the very materiality and method of art-making, and with the ways we encounter the everyday. How the artists express themselves and carve out a space for practice and presentation, is as much a reflection of the socio-cultural fabric of present-day Singapore as it is a clue to the preoccupations and strategies of contemporary art in the near future. 


The first of its kind, SCOUT is a five-day pop up exhibition housed in 15 converted shipping containers occupying 2000 square metres of Gillman Barracks’s Car Park B. The exhibition venue also includes outdoor installations and art performances. Open to the public from 20th January 2016, the five-day exhibition invites visitors to have conversations with artists and gather the pulse and impulse of their practices. Programmed artist talks and guided tours are included.