Collaborative site-specific installation in a

20 foot shipping container, SCOUT 2016

Photo credit : ANTZ and ZERO


An installation created in collaboration with ANTZ, (A)Normalies is conceived as autobiographical presentations of the practices of graffiti and urban artists Zero and ANTZ. Conjoined within the display space but distinctively zoned, theirs are deliberately contrasting halves suggestive of the paradoxical conditions that the practitioners confront as they negotiate a highly regulated public domain.  

ANTZ is a multi-hatted creative whose practice as an urban artist extends in projects with the RSCLS collective, which he co-founded. Dubbed “the Pope of Street Art” by a French travel magazine, ANTZ is known for his distinctive style, which draws deeply from the visual vocabulary of classical Chinese myths and vernacular stories. His aesthetic sensibilities has been called a “juxtaposed-mash” amounting to a playful pastiche of international urban pop and ethnic traditions.     

ANTZ (Anthony Chong)


Born 1982, Singapore.


Dip in Digital Media Design, 2003 from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore.


ANTZ is a co-founder of RSCLS urban art collective. He is also a designer and art director whose clients include multinationals.