Aqilah Hassan

"Growing up in a social environment where I am not allowed to vocalise my thoughts leaves me with many things to say. Art gives me the platform to express myself, to reflect and find my ‘self’. When I am making art, I am in total control of my own boundaries; I feel unbounded and unlimited."


We and I (2015)

Video documentation, found objects and sketches

Variable dimensions

Photo credit : Aqilah Hassan


Video documentation of the artist in conversation with her mother, surfacing differences in perspectives on socio-cultural expectations on a Malay Muslim woman and personal identity and agency.  

Things I cannot say (2015)

Monoprint on rice paper

273 x 38.3 cm

Photo credit : Aqilah Hassan

Aqilah interest in Confessional Art traces to the inspired influence of Tracy Emin and Louise Bourgeois. She completed her International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) in 2015, and is preparing to further her art training with a degree programme.  



Aqilah Hassan


Born 1995, Singapore


IBC 2015, School of the Arts, Singapore


Aqilah participated in the Drawing and Documentation Artist Programme of Future of Imagination 10 (2015, Singapore). She has also participated in the Apprenticeship Programme of Noise (2014, Singapore).