Allison M. Low

"Oddlings is an exploration of states of desire, vulnerability and loss. The series came out of a three-year introspective journey and I now look back at it as a portrait of my umwelt. Intrigued by power-play between children, I came to draw on portraitures of children from another time and place as a means of detachment and towards an open landscape through which I could enter and process my own emotions."


Warboat (2014)

Graphite, gouache and pastel on paper

42 x 30 cm

Photo credit : Allison M. Low


Warboat is an allegory of loneliness and the longing for direction. The girl’s absence of limbs and the presence of little guns and rudder, allude of the state helpless confusion as one searches for a trajectory in life.  

The Frog Prince from Oddlings series (2014)

Graphite, gouache and gold leaf on paper

77 x 57 cm

Photo credit : Allison M. Low


The fairy tale protagonist in his enchanted form is a metaphor of vulnerability and longing as he waits for the choice of acceptance and love to return him to his original ‘good’ self. 

Comfort Object (2015)

Graphite and gouache on paper

21 x 14.8 cm

Photo credit : Allison M. Low


Allison regards herself as an image-maker of human irrationality and interpersonal disquiets. Working principally with graphite on paper, she sees the medium as having a delicacy that transposes in fragility and softness in her drawings.



Allison M. Low


Born 1989, Singapore.


BA in Fine Art, 2013 UNSW College of Art, Sydney.

Dip in Visual Communications, 2009 Temasek Polytechnic.


Allison debuted with a first solo exhibition Oddlings in 2015 at The Substation, Singapore. The series has also been presented at AirSpace Projects Gallery, Sydney (2015).