Gillian Chen

"Although we live in an era where options in methods and materials for art-making seems limitless, I prefer to make use of what is at hand and also the things we neglect or overlook. "


The Chrysalis Project: Flaking Wall Paints (2015)

Found objects and documentation.  

Photo credit : Gillian Chen.

Timothy Ng, 24-hour Straitjacket, 2016, Performance involving local newspaper, Approximately 3 x 3 x 3 meters

The Chrysalis Project: # series (2015)

Re-purposed paint on discarded surfaces  

Photo credit : Gillian Chen

Gillian’s practice centres on working with pre-existing and found materials. Piqued by whether a butterfly might feel sentimental of its shed chrysalis shell, The Chrysalis Project investigates flaked wall paint as ‘dead skin’ and re-purposes collected paint flakes as new skin for abandoned surfaces.



Gillian Chen


Born 1997, Singapore


Final year visual arts student, International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme, School of the Arts, Singapore


Gillian is the recipient of the David Marshall Scholarship for Young Artists in 2015.