Jacqueline Sim

"The areas of my interest have much to do with how mediated information or representations of land or land use is couched to influence public perception; my concern is the impact of urban development on the social fabric and memories of space and place; my aims as an artist are to peel behind the mediated screens of representation to see the pre-filtered conditions, and to make art in ways that will impact understanding and perceptions of what is reality."


Outsider Information (2014; re-edited in 2015)

Video installation; 04:23min version 2015

Photo credit : Jacqueline Sim


Outsider Information is a double screen video installation with Pulau Ubin as subject matter. The narrative arc of island life is framed in twinned imageries playing out scenes of the natural wild and the derelicts of rural settlement.      

Jacqueline’s artistic methodologies are centred on investigative social engagement. For two years since 2014, Pulau Ubin (a satellite island off mainland Singapore) has been the focus of her research on the disjuncture between mediated accounts and the real impact of change on the island and its remaining village settlements. In 2015, she initiated a land art project Working Title Not Working, inviting 17 other artists to make site-specific work on the island.         



Jacqueline Sim




Born 1987, Singapore.


BA (Hons) in Fine Art, 2014 LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.


Jacqueline was the winner of the Prudential Singapore Young Artist Award in the category of installation in 2014. She has actively participated in group exhibitions in Singapore since 2013, and her work has been presented in Greece, Taiwan, Australia and Turkey.