Jennis Li

"My work ranges from urban interventions to site-specific installations that aspire to be perceptually engaging. My keen interest is acutely associated with spatial analysis and locality, subsequently refining my own conceptual and visual vocabulary that emerged through my focus on the points of intersection between architecture, sculpture, and urban structure. In most of my recent works, I attempt to integrate local participation as I am interested in how my work, with input from people, can be shaped differently, adding another layer of relevance and purpose to a place. Formal considerations of aesthetics are often devised as the framework, leaving space for the prospect of for spontaneity of social encounters to take place. While metaphor is essential in my conception and process, my focus is not primarily on the ideological but on the sensory, aesthetic experience at a primal, physical level."



Social sculpture project using 16 shipping containers

Commissioned for SCOUT (2016) 

Photo credit : Jennis Li


Emanare’s spiral-form social sculpture interfaces physical and spatial structure with exhibitionary phenomenology to guide and transform the visitor’s walking experience. By configuring the containers with consecutively alternating inward/outward facings within the spiral-form design, Jennis intentionally inserts psychological ‘breathing spaces’ as the visitor follows the structural rhythm and fluctuating flow of the exhibition’s spatial layout. The alternating inward/outward facing also creates a conjoined but distinctively separated duality that supports and conveys the exhibition’s dual thematic arcs, i.e. The Personal and The Social. The commission is the culmination of the artist’s collaboration with the Organisers of SCOUT for the creation of a new urban structure to evoke fresh thinking and engagement in public space.

Social Sculpture Practice

Jennis Li, Skizzen, Drive-In-Flohmarkt (2009)

Jennis Li

Skizzen Drive-In-Flohmarkt (2009)

Photo credit : Jennis Li

Jennis Li’s interest is acutely associated with social structure and spatiality, translating in a practice particularly focused on the points of intersection between the disciplines of architecture, sculpture and urban spatial structure. Jennis’ work is usually a synthesis of analytical research and personal sentiment rendered sculpturally. 


Social Sculpture PracticeSelected Showcase (2010 - 2016)

Architectural models on pedestals

Drive-in-Flohmarkt / Auto Mercat Rastro (2010/2012), Biedenkopf, Germany; Addaya Centre D’Art Contemporani, Spain; Sculptural Grill (2012), public space installation and social sculpture, Berlin; Emanare (2016), a commissioned work for SCOUT, Gillman Barracks, Singapore.



Jennis Li 


Born 1983, Taiwan; Berlin-based Singapore national.


MA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, 2010 Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany.

Dip in Interactive Media Design, 2003 Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.


Actively exhibiting since 2009, Jennis’s has had international presentations of her work in solo and group shows. Her most recent solo exhibition NO TEMPLATE (2014) was at ADDAYA Centre d’Art Contemporani, Spain, where she had in 2012 taken up artist residency. Jennis’ Singapore debut in 2015 was with the group exhibition What it is about when it is about nothing, curated by Michael Lee and held at Mizuma Gallery.