PG Lee

"Memories and traces are the backbone of the bulk of work I produced since 2011, when my father passed away. In my research into defining memories and forming traces of previous existence, I started making objects based on past experiences. My preoccupation with mortality meant that some of my creations fall into a category similar to memento mori. I am interested in suggesting the temporality of life and I rely on my choice of materials to do so in my work – materials that are commonplace and readily acquired to insinuate the ‘everyday-ness’ of mortality."

(Edited from ‘Beyond THE END’ by PG Lee) 

Sisyphus (2014, ongoing)

Sand, paraffin wax

Photo credit : PG Lee


Sisyphus  is a durational performance where the artist creates and grows a ball made of sand mixed with melted paraffin wax. The sculptural form in the work was first created in March 2014 during his Masters programme with LaSalle College of the Arts, and has grown from a small, palm-sized ball to one with a diameter of around 80cm and an estimated weight of 400kg. The performance is ongoing and its end point will be defined by conditions yet unknown. PG's Sisyphus is a moving reflection of the temporality of life, the everyday-ness of mortality and constancy of how memory weighs with increasing intensity with age.

Searching for a Resting Place (2015) 

Still from video of performance

Photo credit : PG Lee

PG Lee


Born 1974, Singapore.


MA in Fine Art, 2014 LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

PG Dip in Education, 2000 National Institute of Education, Singapore

BA in Fine Art, 1998 Goldsmith College, University of London, UK


PG debuted his work in 1998 with exhibitions in Goldsmith College (BA Fine Art Graduation Show) and at The Substation, Singapore. His art practice took a hiatus whilst he pursued a career in teaching until 2013, when he started on LASALLE’s MA programme. Weight/less was PG’s first solo exhibition (2015, ICAS Praxis Space, Singapore).