"THEBOOKSHOW aims to act as a platform for aspiring artists to showcase self-published photo-books conceived out of passion. Through the use of the book, a basic and familiar medium to all, THEBOOKSHOW advances towards being a mediator between the art world and the general public. Its hope is to bring upon renewed perspectives to our eyes.THEBOOKSHOW believes very much in challenging the medium - moving away from the conventional form that the book takes. In time, it hopes to build a substantial database advocating that the book form is an art in and of itself."

Workbook by THEBOOKSHOW (2015)


The initiatives’ most recent project, Workbook rolled out in the last quarter of 2015 with open calls to students from art and design institutions worldwide. It culminated with a pop-up exhibition of adjudicated submissions in December at DECK, Singapore.  

THEBOOKSHOW is a Singapore-based initiative that grew out from a photography project for students of the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University. Launched in 2014 with its first edition, the core artists behind THEBOOKSHOW initiative are lecturers and alumni of ADM/NTU. By means of open calls online and through the reach of social media, the initiative offers itself as an exhibition platform for self-published photo and image-based books. Since its conception, THEBOOKSHOW has hosted international open calls for the realisation of weekend-long pop-up book shows biannually.





THEBOOKSHOW has organised four pop-up events since its inception in 2014, including THEBOOKSHOW@Singapore Night Festival (15 August 2015). The founding members of the initiative are Ang Song Nian, Genevieve Leong, Marvin Tang, Leanna Teoh, Victor Gui, Beverley Ng and Kevin Fee.