Yeo Jian Long

"The repetitive act of line making to create form is a kind of obsessive compulsion to get closer to nature and, perhaps more particularly, to cling on to memory. Ironically, a contradicting impulse is also at work in my drawings as parts of the landscape fade into a misty blur – it is as if I am subconsciously blurring out their existence and bowing to the transitory nature of time and memory. "


Genius Loci (2014)

Chinese ink on canvas; ballpoint pen and oil on canvas

179.8 x 70 cm (diptyche)

Photo credit : Yeo Jian Long


A stretch of natural greenery near the artist’s home in Bukit Batok was the inspiration for the diptych. Working from memory, Jian Long renders the landscape diptyche in two stylistic traditions – Chinese ink and Western Romanticism – while eschewing traditional methods and material. Worked on canvas, the stylistic simulacra is achived by layers of overlay and repeated erasure to build and dissolve, the laboriously paintstaking process yielding the appearance of surface textures and forms that advance and retreat into atmospheric depths.        

Nocturne (2015)

Ballpoint pen on canvas

51 x 66 cm

Photo credit : Yeo Jian Long


Jian Long’s practice in painting is distinguished by experimentations with non-conventional methods and material to achieve haunting landscapes at once visceral and delicate.   



Yeo Jian Long 


Born 1983, Singapore.


BA (Hons) in Fine Art, 2013 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Dip in Western Painting, 2012 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Dip in Digital Media Design, 2005 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore


Jian Long was presented in Affordable Art Fair’s Young Talent Programme in 2015. He has actively participated in group shows in Singapore since 2012.