Zero (Zul Othman)

"The idea of putting street and graffiti art in a contained and constrained space in this exhibition is interesting for its irony; but the shipping container is also an interestingly ironic metaphor for the condition of its practice in Singapore."



Collaborative site-specific installation in a

20 foot shipping container, SCOUT 2016

Photo credit : ANTZ and ZERO


An installation created in collaboration with ANTZ, (A)Normalies is conceived as autobiographical presentations of the practices of graffiti and urban artists Zero and ANTZ. Conjoined within the display space but distinctively zoned, theirs are deliberately contrasting halves suggestive of the paradoxical conditions that the practitioners confront as they negotiate a highly regulated public domain.  

Zero’s practice has its roots in ‘illegal’ street kids graffiti around the city area and in his neighbourhood. He has since developed a distinctive visual vocabulary, in many ways informed by his belief that a street artist is also a documenter and commentator of urban life and popular culture. A large part of his practice involves community and youth engagement. While his work and practice has enjoyed increasing recognition by the institutions of art, the nature of the art his practice espouses remains variously contested, co-opted and marginalised.           

Zero (Zul Othman)


Born 1979, Singapore.


BA (Hons) in Fine Art, 2008 LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

Dip in Visual Communications 2000, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.


Currently pursuing a MFA degree with LASSALE College of the Arts, Zero was the recipient of the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2013. A founding member of the street art collective ARTVSTS (active until the mid-2000s), he is also the founder of RSCLS collective and the initiator of The Solidarity Movement, an on-going project to document and archive urban art practices in East and Southeast Asia. Zero’s work has been shown in Singapore and overseas, and is represented in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum.